Project | 01
Throttle | Brisbane Festival

Commissioned and originally produced by Bleach* Festival, with regional creative developments produced by Performing Lines in Albury and Bathurst, Throttle is a b-grade horror spectacle you experience from the safety of your own car as a dark and dangerous tale unfurls around an abandoned oval.

Project | 02
Standing By 2020 | QUT

Exhibition of QUT Technical Production's graduating class of 2020 to showcase their skills and passion in production arts. Opportunity to get to know the students and explore their showcase exhibitions.

Project | 03
Looking Through Glass 20 | QUT

Intermedial Theatre's production of "Looking Through Glass" — live-streamed via Twitch and developed in response to Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking-Glass".

Project | 04
Drama Practice 5 | QUT

Collaboration with QUT drama students for short 10-15 minutes performances.

Project | 05
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